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Potato Growing Propose


Potato Growing Propose

Potato growers:

Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Qujing City, Yunnan Province. The company is an agricultural science and technology development co., LTD., which integrates the production and sales of plateau French fries, snowflakes, potato cubes and other products, as well as the cultivation of agricultural products, agricultural high-tech research and development, and the storage of goods. The company is committed to building into the largest potato deep processing enterprise integrating potato planting, acquisition, warehousing, processing and sales in the country. Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. takes "deep processing, mutual benefit and win-win" as the corporate purpose, and "to be the leader of potato deep processing industry" as the corporate vision. The company adopts the supply mechanism of "company + base + standardization", forms the business model of production, supply and marketing integration, feeds farmers' planting with industrial profits, tries its best to benefit farmers, makes potato industry bigger and stronger, and drives farmers in yunnan province to get rid of poverty and become rich.

The 180,000 tons of potato deep processing project of Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 139,900 yuan, covering an area of 218.6 mu. After this project goes into operation, it will process 720 tons of potatoes per day, annually produce 30,000 tons of frozen French Fries, 10,000 tons of potato snow flakes, 10,000 tons of dried potato cubes, and 18,600 tons of commercial potatoes. The company can produce 30,000 tons of compound feed with the tail material produced by potato processing, and the sales revenue is 729.92 million yuan, and increased profits and taxes by more than 100 million yuan. The project has a strong radiation driving effect, which directly drives more than 40,000 growers to participate in the project. After the completion of the project, it will effectively promote the adjustment of the potato industry structure in Yunnan, which is of great social significance for realizing the strategic structural adjustment of regional agriculture.

Yunnan Longtian Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. will start trial production in September 2017.In order to guarantee the quality of processed products and the supply of raw materials, and to promote the single potato sales channel in Yunnan province, we hereby purchase potatoes suitable for processing from the majority of potato growers as the following varieties : the Atlantic, Shepody, No.505 Yun Potato, No.801 Yun Potato, No.3 De Potato, the diameter of 30-80mmdry matter content 20%(or starch content 16%)。 Purchase price: 1.1 yuan/kg for large potatoes (above 150g) and 0.8 yuan/kg for small potatoes (50g-150g). We hope that the majority of farmers can take an active part in the cooperation with the company。 As the cooperation scope is extensive in 2017, in order to implement the scale plan, registration shall be carried out first。 Prior to registration, priority shall be given。

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